Frog is leaping…

It’s been 2 months since I’ve posted a blog. I had to go back and look to see when my last post was. It seemed like forever ago. So much has changed in my life during this time. I became so immersed in my studies that I kept putting this blog off. So I apologize for slacking. With that said, this is my last blog post.

I wanted to share an update since starting my first positive psychology course. Well, as you can guess, I absolutely loved it. I’ve taken 2 more courses since and have found 2 more that I want to take.

Continuing my education has lit a fire under my ass. I finally found the courage and motivation to do what I’ve wanted to do all along.

Since losing my weight and being in maintenance these last 4 months, I want to share my knowledge with others. I want every person that struggles with their weight to know that it is possible. I want every person to have the support they need to get over their food drama and lose their weight for good. I want every person to show up 100% in their life not hiding or dreading it because of how they feel about themselves or worried about what others will think.

So I’m excited to report that I launched my business!

FROG Weight Loss

I named it FROG Weight Loss. FROG is an acronym for Flow, Resilience, Optimism, and Gratitude.

Anyone with a weight problem knows it’s about more than just the food. It’s about why we’re eating. It’s about how much we’re eating. That’s the focus of my program, getting at the why and doing the mindset work to get over the food drama. Incorporating positive interventions to increase our mental well-being. Lose the physical and mental weight that’s holding you back from living the best possible life you deserve.

I wanted to say thank you so much for reading this blog and commenting on how they’ve helped. If you’d like to keep following me you can find FROG Weight Loss on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

This Frog is LEAPING!

Take care and best of luck to all of you.

Published by Andrea

I’m the go to friend and family member if you need something done. But I don’t give myself the same commitment. I say no more! This is the end of my life long yo-yo dieting. No more quitting projects halfway through. No more giving up on myself. Period!

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