By Saying Yes, What Are You Saying No To?

I read this in a book about relationships. And I thought it really applicable to those of us who are on the struggle bus with food.

I was using this concept while I was losing my weight and I found it helpful to get out of the deprivation mentality. While trying to diet, it’s so easy to feel deprived and restricted. Your Inner Party Girl is crying “I can’t believe they brought out the bread basket and everyone is eating bread in front of me! Don’t they know I’m on a diet, this is such bullshit! Their food smells so good and here I’m stuck with another fucking salad! It’s so unfair that I can’t have dessert!”

Sound familiar? It’s so easy to get into this mindset.

At first when I saw a thin person eating healthy, I would think “That’s why they are thin, they eat healthy.” Or if a thin person was eating something fattening I thought “Well, they can do that, they’re already thin.” I had the same mindset with heavy people. When I saw someone who was heavy eating crap, I thought “ That’s why they’re fat, they eat like shit.” But I’d also cheer the heavy person on when I saw them eating healthy.

I eventually changed this mindset inward and thought about what I wanted long term versus what I wanted right now.

By saying yes, what are you saying no to? Are you focused on instant gratification or long term success?

By saying yes to the bread basket, what am I saying no to? I’d be saying no to hitting my weight loss goal this week.

By saying yes to the nachos instead of my salad, I’d be saying no to looking and feeling good in my clothes.

By saying yes to an unplanned dessert, I’d be saying no to keeping my plan and my resolve to stop quitting on myself.

By focusing on my bigger goals, it made it easier to shut up my IPG and listen to my Inner Coach. My IC reminded me that we can always plan to have dessert tomorrow. The focus is weight loss, feeling good tomorrow when I get on the scale, knowing I can say no to foods even if I really want them.

There’s so much empowerment in overcoming those immediate desires. Knowing you can do it once, proves to yourself that you can do it again and again and again. With repetition comes ease.

Are you willing to be uncomfortable now to get the results you want long term? Can you tell your IPG and Inner Asshole to shut up and listen to your wise IC? You can! I did it. And despite what my parents think, I’m no special snowflake. 😂

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Alright kids, until next time. Have a flipping amazing day!

Published by Andrea

I’m the go to friend and family member if you need something done. But I don’t give myself the same commitment. I say no more! This is the end of my life long yo-yo dieting. No more quitting projects halfway through. No more giving up on myself. Period!

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