Anyone else drinking ACV (apple cider vinegar) on a daily basis?

I started drinking this each day about two weeks ago. I read that it can help with lowering blood sugar levels. I also found some other great facts.

ACV has other health benefits. It also improves insulin sensitivity, lowers cholesterol, and promotes satiety (feeling of fullness). These findings were backed by science. I found many other benefits like reduce inflammation, help with acne, remove warts, condition and strengthen hair, help relieve acid reflux, dissolve kidney stones, among others.

I drink one to two tablespoons diluted with water each morning. I use a straw to help protect my tooth enamel and then brush afterwards. As of yet I haven’t really noticed much of a change but I think that’s because I already eat LCHF. I’m transitioning off a keto supplement and wanted to find something to help with my blood sugar levels.

One more thing, it is important to get your ACV with the “Mother.” The ‘Mother’ is the collection of the beneficial acetic bacteria and cellulose that gives ACV these healthy properties.

As always, check with your doctor first if taking other medications.

All right kids, if you have any other natural supplements your taking let me know. Anyone drinking green tea? Would love to know what brands you recommend and what benefits you’ve seen.

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Until next time. Have a freaking fabulous day!!

Published by Andrea

I’m the go to friend and family member if you need something done. But I don’t give myself the same commitment. I say no more! This is the end of my life long yo-yo dieting. No more quitting projects halfway through. No more giving up on myself. Period!

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