Do You Meal Prep?

Since changing they way I eat, I started meal prepping. We used to plan our meals out for the week, but never did the prepping ahead of time. I would cook almost everyday. Most of the time it went well, but usually something last minute would come up and throw off the schedule. Then we’d be left scrambling and eating either fast food, dining out, or something frozen.

Now on my days off I meal prep for the upcoming week. Last night I spent two hours cooking our meals. That may seem like a long time. But if you think about it, it would have taken me twice as long to make each meal doing one meal each day. The added bonus, only washing one big batch of dishes!

By making this switch, it’s given me the freedom to get more done during the week. There’s no need to worry about what’s for lunch or dinner all week. We’ve eliminated the dreaded “I don’t know, what do you want?” conversations. There’s no decision fatigue, which can lead to eating what’s easing and convenient.

If this is something you’re interested in, I highly recommend it. Start slow by doing easy recipes and trying just prepping two or three meals until you feel comfortable.

Leave a comment and like this page. Let us know what you’re working on. Are you feeling stuck? Maybe I can help.

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Until next time. Have a great day!

Published by Andrea

I’m the go to friend and family member if you need something done. But I don’t give myself the same commitment. I say no more! This is the end of my life long yo-yo dieting. No more quitting projects halfway through. No more giving up on myself. Period!

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