Who’s Driving the Bus?

I’ve been struggling with maintenance this week. I went completely off plan over the weekend and was up 8 lbs. Monday I made my plan and got my ass back on schedule.

The scale has been cooperating. As of today, I’ve dropped 4 lbs. My hunger scale has been off because I ate a ton of carbage and am trying to get back to eating healthy, real foods. My thoughts have been all over the place. “You can do this. Get focused on your Why’s.” “You fucked up, you’ll never be able to keep off the weight.” “You’ve already done so well, worked so hard. You deserve to eat whatever sounds good.”

I’ve separated these three voices and decided to name them. This is supposed to help separate you from the internal chatter your brain throws at you. They are my Inner Coach (IC), Inner Asshole (IA), and Inner Part Girl (IPG).

My Inner Coach is focused on my goals, patiently guiding me toward success. My Inner Asshole is the critical perfectionist that wants everything done correctly. My Inner Party Girl wants to avoid all forms of discomfort and do whatever she perceives as fun now.

Last night at work, someone had brought in fast food and the smell permeated the area. All three of my Inner voices went to battle. My IPG wanted to dive in and join the group, not wanting to be left out. My IA wanted to beat me up for even thinking that the food smelled good and how dare I even entertain the idea of eating more crap. Luckily my IC won and drowned out the other two. She told me it was ok to think the food smelled good, it was ok to want the food, but eating that was not on my plan and would not help me achieve my goals.

This really helped me deal with my urges and focus on the big picture instead of instant gratification, all without judgement.

I’m going to let my Inner Coach drive the bus from now on.

Give it a try. Can you distinguish your own IC, IA, and IPG? If these names don’t resonate with you, what would you name them?

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Until next time. Have a freaking amazing day!

Published by Andrea

I’m the go to friend and family member if you need something done. But I don’t give myself the same commitment. I say no more! This is the end of my life long yo-yo dieting. No more quitting projects halfway through. No more giving up on myself. Period!

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    1. For everyday life coaching I recommend The life coach school, talks about mindset. I absolutely love it.

      I listened to Losing 100 pounds with Phit-n-Phat.

      These 2 podcasts changed my life and where I started my journey to change my mind.

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