I’m in Control.

I’m reminded of this quote by Billy Cox today.

Went to bed later than usual and up earlier too. I know that when I don’t get between 7-8 hours of sleep I’m bitchier than usual and will often look at the pantry for comfort.

Putting on my big girl pantries this morning and reminding myself that 4 hours of sleep is just my circumstance and that my thoughts about this are completely up to me.

So I’m up. Drinking my coffee, getting ready to run to the store and going to knock some shit off my to do list.

My attitude and effort are totally up to me.

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Until next time. You are in control, go get it done!

Published by Andrea

I’m the go to friend and family member if you need something done. But I don’t give myself the same commitment. I say no more! This is the end of my life long yo-yo dieting. No more quitting projects halfway through. No more giving up on myself. Period!

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